Schedule and Payment: Our Summer season runs for 22 deliveries, May to October.  Our Winter season runs for 12 deliveries, October to January, with a 2 week break the weeks Christmas and New Year's. Members generally pay for the season's share before the first delivery but you can sign on at any time as long as the farm has availability (the system will automatically prorate for mid-season sign-ups).  There are two payment options for the summer CSA, one up-front whole-season payment or 3 monthly payments (only available before the season starts).  See FAQs for more details on the payment plan.

Online Account: Members must create an online account on our website. This allows you to add or change some items, check number of deliveries, put a vacation hold on a delivery date, change delivery location, and other options. 

Pick-Up: Members agree to pick up their harvest box on schedule. Pick-up sites are member's homes or member's businesses and we want to respect their generosity. Remember to pick up as early as possible especially with hot summer temperatures -- produce loves cool temps. Soaking wilted produce in ice water in your sink for an hour or two will revive most veggies.

Put your Box On Vacation Hold: Using your online account, put a hold on any week you will be away, OR gift your box to someone in want or need. Let us know if you want us to donate your held box. 

Contact Us: Contact the office with any questions or concerns.  Thanks for your patience in communicating with us, we do our best to balance our time in between the field and the office.