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Choose half or full pound of magic, leafy succulent greens -- easy to eat, delicious and nutritious. Kids love them and so will you!

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Our pea shoots are a nutritious green with high levels of vitamins C and A. One small bag provides half the day's requirement for vitamin C, a quarter of vitamin A, and a significant amount of folic acid. These nutrients protect the body from free radicals, and help keep skin healthy and immune system strong.

At only 9 calories per 50 gram serving, this shoot is so simple, delicious and easy to add to your daily diet. Our favorite way to enjoy -- finely chop equal parts pea shoots, arugula, and other greens (like cabbage). Keep this in fridge at all times adding extras at each meal -- currants, feta, cashews, etc.

    Natural Trading Co. has been farming since 1995 -- happy and strong. We are growing more varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs than ever. The farm is thriving with organic practices to keep the soil healthy, precious organic seeds, and a committed, hard-working team. Our CSA offers other goodies like wheatgrass, pea shoots, and sunflower greens. Please consider choosing farm pick-up if we are close to you. We love working together with our community to make local, sustainable, organic living as good as it gets. Thanks for choosing Natural Trading Co to be your farm!