Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's in the box this week?

We post the planned box contents on instagram and facebook early in the week to help with weekly meal planning.  Don't have an instagram or facebook account?  You can access the instagram feed from our website (sidebar on a desktop computer, toward the bottom on a mobile device).

Q. If I don't sign up for the tomato share, will I still get tomatoes in my CSA box?

Yes!!!  Especially during the peak summer months.  However, adding the tomato share to your box will guarantee you a healthy delivery of tomatoes every single week for the duration of the summer CSA, especially at the beginning and end of the season when we don't have quite enough for the entire CSA.

Q. Why don't I receive emails from you?

For gmail users -- check the "promotions" tab in your inbox -- you can right-click one of our emails and move us into your primary inbox.  Otherwise, make sure we're not getting filtered into your junk mail.  Contact us if you're still having trouble.

Q. What if i forget to pick up my harvest box?

Forgetting just happens, we all do it. You can get your drop site's phone number off of the website and call them to schedule a new pick up time (take them some flowers!). If you can't pick up your box, ask the drop site coordinator to gift it to someone else.   Remember, if you leave the box for some time,  much of the produce will wilt in the hot summer heat. Soaking wilted veggies in ice cold water for an hour or two will revive most things.

 Q. How do I put a box on hold if I am going on vacation?

Please go directly into your Natural Trading Company CSA account online, go to your box schedule, and put a hold on the dates you will be gone. OR, gift your box to a family or friend. Help us spread the good word about CSA!   Just remember, the deadline to make changes to your boxes is 24 hours before delivery day -- i.e. Monday midnight for Wednesday delivery

 Q Can I makes changes to my subscription?

Yes, you can go to your account and make all kinds of changes, from adding weekly add-ons to changing your pick-up spot to putting your box on vacation hold. Again remember, order/change deadlines are 24 hours before delivery day -- i.e. Sunday midnight for Tuesday delivery, Monday midnight for Wednesday, Tuesday midnight for Thursday deliveries, and Wednesday midnight for Friday deliveries. Check it out.  For other things like changing the size of your box, please contact us directly.

Q.  What is the payment schedule for the installment plan option? (Summer only)

The first payment is due at time of purchase, the second during the first week of the CSA season or 30 days after the first payment (whichever is later), and the third 30 days after the second payment.  These payments are automatically scheduled to charge your credit card.  The installment plan only applies to the main box, and does not apply to add-on purchases.

Q. Can I choose what is in my weekly box?

Not too much -- we cannot customize every box for every customer, however, we can make a few special substitutions (limit 3), especially for food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate what is important to you. We will also try to supply you with recipes to experiment with new things! Remember, you will be eating what is in season. Sometimes that takes some getting used to, but it is good for us and the planet. 

Q.  What if I want to be a drop-off site?

Yeah!  Please let us know. We are always looking to have easy access pick-up locations for you all. If you have a central home or business, with a small cool area to store CSA boxes, let's talk.